3 reasons why everyone loves lists : And why you should be using them for your Content


Creating lists for content is a great idea, and you are probably so accustomed to them that you don’t even notice anymore. Everyone loves a good list. And that’s because science says so.

So why are our brains hardwired to love lists. Here’s 3 reasons 🙂

Our Brains Process Lists Easily

Our brains process information spatially, which means that when we break things down, its easier for us to recall. How many times have you written a shopping list, and then left it at home. I know I do this pretty much every time. But because I have actually created that list with either bullet points or numbers, I seem to still be able to recall most of the items on it.

As Humans we like to categorise 

Our brains usually categorise things from the moment we see something. Its just how we are made up. So by putting things into bullet points or numbered lists for example, its helps up understand and put it together easier. When information is broken down rather than in a big chunk, we process it easier. An example is paragraphs, it just feels right to break up text rather than one big chunk.

They feel good

How good does it feel to tick off a list completely. Apart from helping with our brains in processing the information, lists are great for productivity. Writing a list allows us to break down something into bite size chunks that we are able to feel more comfortable about.

So the next time you are looking to create an article for your blog or website, maybe put your ideas into a list and ask your readers for feedback.


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