Achieve your Goals : 6 Goal Setting Tips

As humans it’s easy for us to realise what we want. But it’s not easy for us to actually go out and get it, and take action.

With 2014 coming up lets get into 5 easy steps to help you be more productive, take action, and to achieve what it is that you want.


1. Create your Goals

Take the time to sit down, take some deep breaths, and really think about what you want. Whether that’s to start an online business, to achieve financial freedom, to be able to spend more time with your family – whatever it is that makes you tick.

These goals need to be SMART.

This acronym stands for:Smart Goal Setting

S – Specific 

Every goal needs to be specific. The more detail the better you brain is able to comprehend and take the necessary steps to achieve.

M – Measurable 

You have to be able to measure your goals. So saying something like “I want to be Financially Free” doesnt cut it. You need to state exactly what that means, whether its $10,000 per month, or $100,000 per month.

A – Attainable 

You have to be able to reach your goals for them to become a reality in your mind, and therefore have the potential to become a reality.

R – Realistic/Relevant 

Your goals should be realistic for the same reasons above. Something that is achievable and do-able and relevant to your long term end goal.

T- Time 

You MUST place a timeframe on your goals. Just like a deadline on as assignment at school. You don’t want to be spending the next 10 years wasting your efforts.


2. Write Down your Goals on Paper

The is without doubt the most important aspect you can do to actually achieving what you want. It makes things more tangible once its physically written down. Many experts have proved this, and by having your goals written down close to you its also a visual reminder.

3.  Break your Goals Down to Small Bite-sized Goals

Our brain is proven to process small bit of information, which is why Lists and Checklists are so important. See this article

Don’t try and bite off more than you can chew, so keeping a things in perspective will allow your brain to really drive and motivate your into action.

Think about your end goal that you dream off- and then break down the steps into small short term goals.

4. Take Action

Without any action, all of the steps above are pointless. This step is obviously the hardest, but if you have followed the advice above, it will make things easier.

Because you will have small bite-sized goals, you can work to actively tick off them one by one. This is by far your best chance at reaching your end goal.

5. Visualise

For thousands and thousands of years people have seen the benefits of visualisation. And whatever word you use to describe this, its all the same.

Its great you have written down your goals, and you have broken them down, and you are actively trying to work at achieving them – but what happens when things get hard, or when something happens that might be seen as to distract or prevent you from achieving this.

Without constant, and I mean daily visualisation. You will not be able to press on. Your goals have to be in the front of your mind at all times in order for you to do the right things you need to be doing.

6. Persistance

Finally, we have the grand daddy of all. Don’t just take my word for it, but persistence and an unrelenting desire is what makes Successful people from people that aren’t.

Don’t for a minute think that anything comes easy to people just because they are rich, or are famous, or whatever.

They have struggled more to get where they are than most people can imagine – And that’s why they are successful.

If you want something bad enough, you will get it.

But it takes hard work and persistence so the sooner you can grasp onto that concept the better.

As Confucius  said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.


So make your first step and everything else will  follow.

Check out videos from the Youtube channel, and a couple of great ones below.



Will Smith talks about what makes him successful.


Arnold has dominated whatever area he choose to focus on. Bodybuilding, Movies and Politics.

Definitely someone to embrace.


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