What you Need to Create a Podcast for your Business

  Podcasts have become a force to be reckoned with in the field of business marketing and communication. Whereas companies in previous years would rely on print media and websites to share information with their audience using textual content, today’s organizations are finding it much easier and more effective to “speak” to their customers using…

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The Most Important Elements of a Successful Website

When people are looking for a plumber to fix their clogged toilets, a real estate agent to help sell their home, or the nearest bakeshop selling donuts, do they reach for the yellow pages or do they go online? With the wide availability of both Internet connections and online browsing platforms (notably, tablets and smartphones),…

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Is an SEO Campaign Worth the Investment?

One of the cardinal rules of marketing is being where the customers are. Today, this means establishing presence in social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, in app stores like iTunes and Google Play, and on major search engines through search engine optimization. With the sales of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the need…

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