7 Benefits of your Business being Active on Social Media

Young people these days are so active on social media — especially now that the new gadgets for communications, as well as gaming consoles, have wireless Internet capabilities. It’s not surprising to learn that there are actual studies revealing that tweens, teens and people in their 20s and 30s actually spend an average of seven to eight hours a day online – that’s just for being active in Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media sites.

Older folks call social media the top obsession of young people these days, and while they may not be that happy with all the activity that goes down in these sites such as bullying, meaningless status updates, and those thousands of selfies, they cannot discount the fact that there are important benefits to being constantly logged onto them.

If you own a business organization, you will find that having social networking accounts can secure your competitive advantage, but if you wish to justify the amount of time you devote to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram further, here are seven more important benefits of being active on social media that will do just that.



Easy interaction with relevant people and organizations – You can understand your market better and serve your customers more efficiently through the real-time chat features of social media sites. Or, if you wish to promote something or make an important announcement, it takes just one click (you can link Twitter and Facebook and your tweets automatically are presented as status updates on Facebook) to deliver these important messages and have all your contacts see the latest news from you in the most beneficially timely manner.


Your business achieves a “consistent” image which can lead more people to turn to your services because they know you’re “present whenever and wherever they are.”


You get reliable sentiments on certain issues that impact your business. If you’re active on social media, you leave comments or provide feedbacks, and you “like” posts, you can expect your contacts to return the courtesy of responding to your queries or your requests for their take on issues you wish to address.


You can stay on top of new and emerging trends that can create a positive impact on your business activities or operations. You can base your improvement andexpansion objectives on these trends and the general reaction your “friends” and followers to them.


You can get daily inspiration from the different types of information shared by your contacts. You can spawn new ways of doing things for your business after seeing what’s already available.


You can find new contacts that can lead you to newer markets and, at the same time, help strengthen the image you want to portray in the community.


You can establish yourself or your business as an industry authority by regularly sharing original content such as relevant or useful articles, tips, videos and photos.

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