Facebook admits organic reach on your brand page posts will drop unless you pay


Gone are the days of easy fan engagement on Facebook.

We have just been Facebook Slapped!!

Facebook Dislike

Unless you have been living under a rock you will have noticed that your “Organic engagement” to anything you post on Facebook would have dropped significantly over the last year.

With this decrease happening more and more it’s a sign that times, they are a changin’!
So don’t stress it’s not because Facebook thinks you are posting junk or your fans aren’t interested. This is a carefully scripted play from Facebook to demand people pay to share information to your already existing network that no doubt you have worked hard to build.

Unfortunately for everyone with a large fan page – Facebook have recently and from my knowledge for the first time – openly stated that fan page owners should expect their organic reach to continue to decline over time… and the best way to get your stuff seen is to pay for reach.

It’s all business, right?

Now from a business standout point – I do not blame them at all.

Aside from Google – the amount of information that they have on all of us is mind blowing. You really appreciate the power of this when you start to use Facebook to advertise and get laser like targeting that we haven’t really have seen before.

The targeting you are able to achieve through Facebook advertising is highly effective with the introduction of the graph search and it’s definately something that everyone should be taking full advantage off in order to promote their brand, their products or just to build your email list with squeeze pages.

So in saying all of this, I do believe that paying for reach and engagement when selling your product or building an email list is acceptable. However paying to reach your customers that most likely “liked” your page to get free content – where you are only sharing content of value? That’s something that is harder to swallow.

Facebook built itself on its freely sharable content and generally when Fan page posted something, if you had “liked” that page, you would see it.

What about the little guy?

Lets take off our marketing hat off and think about this from the end user, where Facebook becomes a place of entertainment and a place to find interesting information and connect with people they know and are interested in – well, news of this definitely sucks.

Rather than seeing content from some of my favourite “pages” that I genuinely enjoyed seeing posts from in my newsfeed, I now have to rely on them to wanting to pay facebook in order for it to reach me.

Not going to happen. Unless of course the post gives some financial gain – either promoting a product or service, or trying to get them on an email list.

Of course, big brands are going to pay to get this reach to their customers, even if it is just value content, because after all they have large budgets and are focused on selling products and services. I get that.

But I just hope that Facebook doesn’t lose sight of the “little guy”. The people that have created pages to either entertain, englighten, or to do good for humanity and expose some of the wrongs in the world. This is where Facebook really shines in my opinion as it has given everyone a voice.

Where hobbyists or other passionate people share and post content that is interesting and educational – and to me, aside from connecting with friends – really makes Facebook what it is.

This will hurt your brand?

Another factor is find interesting about this recent news is that your Facebook “fans” are not going to know that this is occurring. So all the interesting, value added content that would normally get shared within their newsfeed from your page – such as the How to Lose Weight tips, or the latest juicing recipes – which is why they “liked” the page in the first place – will stop appearing. And only the posts where there is some financial gain will start appearing more and more regularly throughout there newsfeed.

This hurts your brand as no one likes to be sold to over and over again. Which is potentially the direction Facebook is heading into. I hope they are smarter but in 5 years time will Facebook be known as that Social network where its all about ads and promotions, and where only the big players get to play?

Like I said before, I see how this is going to really drive up Facebook profits as their business model. Good on them, they have a database of the world, so they are monetising it…. but as marketing and business owners its something we have to be aware of.

What can we do? tell them

Depending on your market, I would say that the large majority of your fans would not know about this.

So tell them!

Perhaps a great strategy would be to pay for some promoted posts to “reach” your audience, and encourage them to sign up to your email list with a squeeze page.

Not only will this help your business because you will be growing your email list, but you will be doing a dis-service to your fans and potential customers if you do not encourage them to a place where they will get the information that you know they want.

Are you building a List?

By now everyone should be building an email list. Yes i’m talking to you Hobby blogger, Yes i’m talking to you Small Business owner, Yes i’m talking to you Podcaster.

Whoever you are, you should be able to now see the power of your own asset (An email list) and not relying on another platform (Facebook).

Think of all the businesses that have focused so strongly on building “likes”, which a lot of people have over the last few year. And then now Facebook throws a spanner in the works and tells them to reach them they have to pay.

It’s not pretty especially for the small players.

I’ve got a great video up that goes over Simple and Fast List Building strategies for any market and niche that I believe will really open your eyes to how simple it can be, so make sure you check that out.

So what’s next?

Well moving forward we will just have to wait and see. I do truly believe that the days of easy fan engagement are over and you have to get a little more creative in getting your message out there to your loyal fans.

Help educate your friends and colleagues so if you know anyone with a fan page on Facebook share them this blog post!

In the comments below let us know if you are using any ways to engage with your fans or to at least leverage your existing fans without having to pay for it?

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