Is an SEO Campaign Worth the Investment?

One of the cardinal rules of marketing is being where the customers are. Today, this means establishing presence in social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, in app stores like iTunes and Google Play, and on major search engines through search engine optimization. With the sales of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the need for establishing an online presence has never been more important.


With social media, most business owners, rightly or wrongly, track the success of a campaign with the number of likes and followers. In terms of apps, success is measured through the number of downloads and even engagement which simply means the number of users who have retained the app after download. But how about SEO? Is it worth investing in SEO when there are other platforms to reach and engage customers?


Whether you are investing in stocks, currencies or even SEO, it is important to see the benefits that the investment platform offers and compare it against known risks. Here’s how SEO stacks up.


As compared to Google AdWords and Pay per Click campaigns, SEO can definitely be cheaper, especially in the long run when the benefits trickle over time. This will include higher visibility in search engine results page as well as increase in website traffic.


Ranking atop major search engine results also allows you to build credibility and trust among prospective customers. People often perceive businesses and websites perched on top of search yields as trustworthy and businesses can definitely leverage that to their advantage. In terms of returns on investment, SEO beats its counterparts in two ways. First, it has a better conversion rate. Second, the customers who search for the keywords you target most likely have an intent to buy, while those directed by banner ads may simply have clicked on the ad by mistake or curiosity.


If these reasons are not compelling enough, then this one might: Your competitors are doing it.


SEO campaigns can be measured through a variety of ways. One of the most obvious is an increase in rankings in search engine results pages. Another common way to measure the success of a campaign is the spike in website traffic. Some experts utilize traffic quality as a way to measure success. This will involve looking at the number of pages visited, the average time spent per visit and the bounce rate. Finally, SEO campaigns can be measured with conversions which can mean a variety of things like newsletter subscriptions or even the download of white papers.


One of the perennial problems faced by seasoned SEO experts among clients are unreasonable expectations. What businesses need to understand is that SEO is no magic bullet and requires continuous effort, especially amidst the evolving SEO landscape. In order to reap the benefits of SEO, businesses and those who are tasked with online marketing should continue tweaking their website, adding fresh and relevant content and link building. The results of SEO campaigns can only be gleaned after long and continuous commitment and does not come as a result of simply trying out the services of a firm for a brief period of time.


As such, the first and most important role of an SEO specialist is managing the expectations of a client through a variety of tools including competitive analysis, forecasting and benchmark reporting.


Is it worth investing in an SEO campaign? The best answer would be to look at how seasoned stock investors look forward to long-term performance of their stock picks and not at their short-term performance.

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