Why your position in the search rankings are important

We all know that featuring in the first page of Google is important in order to get clicks and visitors to your website. Many people do not understand how much difference your position on the first page makes in terms of how many potential clicks you receive.

The image below shows the percentage of clicks you can expect to receive for each position, on the First Page of a Google result.



Amount of Traffic each position gets on Page One of Google


As you can see, there is a massive difference between number 1 position and number 10.

Now if you are not being featured on Page 1 of google, the below image will show you what the percentage of clicks you could expect to receive.


Traffic percentage of Google Page Results


Hopefully this has enlightened you to the significant of achieving a high rankings for the keywords are relevant to your business. Although trying to rank high on quality shouldn’t be your number 1 priority. What will help you get there is creating quality, engaging content.


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